Bettina Zumdick, a leading Holistic Health and Yoga/Qi Gong Teacher and Author with 30 years of experience, is a native of the Baltic Sea area in Germany.

With a background in food science, nutrition and dietetics, Bettina has integrated the Western and Eastern health and healing techniques and is a teacher of holistic health and other body-mind spirit  related subjects, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, visualization within Europe and the United States.

Realizing the complex interconnections between body, mind and spirit through her own healing journey from Lyme disease, Bettina knows that it is possible to improve your health and to deepen the quality of all your experiences in life. It is her intent to share the knowledge and wisdom of this path for better health, vitality and being able to pursue your most passionate dreams in life.

Bettina Zumdick studied nutrition and food science at the University of Muenster in Germany and is currently teaching macrobiotics, holistic health, meditation and yoga/qi gong at her own center, the Center for Transformation and Healing, the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA and worldwide, including presentations at Ernst&Young in New Jersey, Breast Cancer Research Facilities, and many more.